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2022-04-24 02:02:13 By : Ms. Vera Mao

Everytime it rains, you’re practically guaranteed to find riders seeking shelter under overpasses and flyovers on the road, taking up precious lanes and slowing down traffic. This practice is incredibly dangerous, especially for the riders, as they can be easily hit by vehicles losing control on the slippery roads. The MMDA has attempted to address this by building shelters in select locations.

Yet this can all be avoided if some of these riders were simply equipped for bad weather. There are many sources for affordable gear to brave the storm with. So cost should not be an excuse.

To discourage waiting out the rain on the road, we list down some gear riders can get, from cheap to relatively expensive but worthwhile, to help them keep riding in the rain while staying dry.

*for AT scooter riders only

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, hardware stores

It’s very easy to keep riding even when it rains when you have one of these handy. These disposable raincoats are incredibly cheap and ideal for short trips on a motorcycle even when it rains. They come in small packages the size of the average wallet. They can be easily stored in any bag. The best part is, they can unfold into a full raincoat in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, the light material means these can easily break after a couple of uses. They’re best kept for instances where it rains unexpectedly. We don’t recommend reusing them. And while we don’t recommend raincoats in general when riding motorcycles, those with AT scooters are at less risk of having the bottom of the raincoat get tangled in their wheels.

*for AT scooter riders only

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, hardware stores

If you want something that’s reusable and much more environment-friendly, opt for the more rugged, reusable kind. These are usually more expensive but made of thicker material. They usually come with a pouch for easy storage; not quite as compact as the disposable kind, but still quite convenient.

Again, while not entirely safe, those with AT scooters are at less risk of getting the raincoat get tangled in their wheels. If your motorcycle is driven by a chain, avoid these long and loose raincoats entirely.

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, motorcycle stores

For riders of chain-driven bikes, this is the rain gear to get. Rain Gear Overs are designed to be worn over your clothes. They’re usually secured with Velcro or buttons, making them easy to put on. They can be bought as one piece, two-piece, or as separate pieces.

Granted, they take a lot longer to wear, particularly the pants, but because they have a more snug fit, nothing will get tangled in your chain. Choose bright colors if you can as black will only make you less visible to other vehicles, especially in a downpour.

Of course, because they’re meant to be water proof, they can be quite uncomfortable and hot after a few minutes. Still, it’s a small inconvenience to keep riding compared to having to wait out the rain. While this set usually comes with its own bag, be warned that it takes up much more space and is ideal for those that have a top box or large bag to keep this kind of gear in.

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, motorcycle stores

If you pass by frequently flooded areas, this is the accessory to get. Overboots or booties are made of the same material as rain gear overs and are designed to easily fit over what ever shoes you are wearing. While they’re nothing like rubber boots, they’ll at least allow you to wade through ankle deep floods without getting your feet wet.

Again, these can be hot and uncomfortable if worn for some time, however, it’s still better than riding around with wet shoes and socks.

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, motorcycle stores, car accessory stores

Waterproofing spray is often overlooked but can be quite handy particularly during the rainy season. This spray is applied on surfaces where you need to see clearly, like the windshield, mirrors, helmet visor, and even instrument cluster. It causes the water to bead, making it easier to see, especially when wet. Though not essential, this accessory gives you a little bit more clarity when riding.

Where to buy: Shopee, Lazada, hardware stores

This liquid is particularly handy for helmet visors. Take some time to apply a light coating and you won’t have to worry about wiping your visor every few minutes while riding in the rain. Like waterproofing spray, it’s not really essential but takes care of one more little annoyance the rain brings.

These are just some of the riding gear to look for. There are many more varieties available in stores or online. We did some browsing on our own and it's very easy to put together a set to cover you head-to-toe for under PhP1,000. So open up Shopee or Lazada, have a look around and add to cart. This small expense now could end up saving you so much more in terms of time in the future.

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