Put a Cap on It with These Bookish Hats

2022-05-14 18:26:28 By : Mr. Beck Jin

I’ve never been a hat person, but every time I’ve tried on or received one as a gift, I’ve fallen in love. I love the statement, the ability to create a style or a bit of intrigue, and more, I love the practical value of a good cap: it keeps the sun off your eyes and your head. This is especially useful for readers who love to take their hobby outdoors but find the elements can make a long sit challenging. Good news, though: not only can you just don a hat to solve that problem but you can don a sweet bookish hat to boot.

Because of supply chain issues — a refrain we’ll keep singing for a long time to come — it’s actually quite challenging right now to find or produce decorative hats, especially of the baseball variety. All of the ones below come from small creators, meaning they have both the stock and supplies on hand.

There are a number of fun bookish hats for every kind of reader. Whether you want to be more minimalist in your apparel or are itching to be bold, there’s a perfect cap for you. Although I’m deeply obsessed with my recent baseball hat acquisition from a subscription box (it’s called “Saved By the Bill!”), I’m eyeing another cap or two to keep with me through my summer outdoor adventures, and several of these are very appealing.

Keep it simple with this book baseball hat. You can choose from a few different colors. $29.

The heart around book nerd here is a nice touch. $25, with three different colors to choose from.

The vintage red wash of this bookish cap is great, but if you prefer black or blue, those are also options. $23.

Looking for a big floppy hat for your book loving heart? Look no further. You can get the “just one more chapter” version or a version reading “bibliophile” or “bookish.” $35.

A bucket hat is main character energy, tbh. $15.

This not-understated tie dye book babe hat is giving some bisexual vibes, too, and that’s not a bad thing. $22 and up.

There is only one of these available, and you’ll have to race me to get it. An OG Reading Rainbow patch on a sweet trucker hat. $36. There is a Book It version, too.

Last but not least, this well read hat is perfect for book nerds of all stripes. $23 with plenty of color options.

You know what pairs well with bookish hats? Some rad new bookish totes.