The 5 Best Inverted Umbrellas

2022-05-14 18:31:48 By : Mr. Terry T

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If you’re fed up with your umbrella splashing you with rainwater every time you open it, the best inverted umbrellas offer a convenient solution. The ideal umbrella for you will depend on how much coverage you prefer, the type of handle you find comfortable, and whether you want one that can open and close automatically. However, no matter which type you choose, it’s smart to look for one that can resist some wind. The more ribs an umbrella has, the sturdier it tends to be, and it’s best to choose one with at least eight ribs.

When shopping for any umbrella, opt for a size that’s practical for your everyday routine. Typically, an umbrella with a canopy that measures about 39 inches across can keep you dry from the torso up. However, if you want more of you to stay dry — or if you often find yourself sharing an umbrella — you might prefer one that’s larger. Just keep in mind that more compact umbrellas can be easier to maneuver if you live somewhere with heavy foot traffic, such as a city.

The umbrella’s handle is also important for a comfortable yet secure hold. Umbrella handles made of rubber tend to be easier to hold than ones made of hard plastic materials, and shallow grooves for your fingers can make them even better. A cane or C-shaped handle can also be convenient to hook or loop over your arm. You also want to check out the umbrella’s opening mechanism. One that opens and closes at the push of a button can be operated with one hand, though the simpler mechanisms on manual umbrellas might be less susceptible to breakage over time.

Finally, there’s the matter of aesthetics. You might prefer a bright print, a streamlined solid option, or a transparent design that allows you to see more as you move — ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. From fan-favorite models to an extra-sturdy one, below are five of the best inverted umbrellas to shop on Amazon.

With a 49-inch canopy, Spar. Saa’s large inverted umbrella is practically built for sharing. Its eight-rib construction can stand up to the gustiest weather conditions, and though large, its rubber C-shaped handle makes it comfortable to carry — and when the weather clears, just pull it shut (it opens and closes manually) so you can free your hands and hook it over your arm or a purse strap. Its size, however, comes with a tradeoff: Lugging it around or maneuvering it on a busy side street might feel more cumbersome. The colors range from bright prints to classic solids.

Positive Amazon review: “Nice size. Very roomy and covered me well. I was even able to carry more bags since it has the ring to hold it with your wrist.”

Lightweight and travel-friendly, this compact inverted folding umbrella should fit into most bags — but don’t let its size fool you. At the press of a button, it automatically opens to reveal a spacious 46-inch (or 54-inch) canopy to protect your torso and head from getting wet. It has an eight-rib construction and a rubberized handle that provides a sturdy grip. When you’re done using it, simply press the button again to close the umbrella.

Positive Amazon review: “It’s everything I want in an umbrella. It’s light, folds up small, and opens up to a nice size. Its construction seems pretty sturdy. I had it open on a windy day and it held up. I am very happy with my purchase.”

Shoppers looking for an extra-sturdy option should check out this folding umbrella. It has a whopping 12 fiberglass ribs to withstand wind, and one reviewer claimed that this umbrella was the “strongest I’ve ever owned.” With a canopy measuring just over 41 inches, it provides solid coverage but shouldn’t be exceedingly large for more crowded areas. A customer described, “I take public transportation to work in the city and when it rains this is my go-to umbrella!” The short, smooth plastic handle is square-shaped, which some reviewers have claimed can take some time to adjust to. On the plus side, the umbrella has an automatic open and close feature, as well as a reflective strip along the edge so that traffic can see you even when it’s dark out.

Positive Amazon review: “Excellent quality. Slightly heavier than similar models but that’s the price you pay for quality and durability. Working in rainy, windy downtown Seattle, I’ve gone through many umbrellas, and I think this one’s a real winner. Great design.”

If umbrellas limit your field of vision as you walk, you might appreciate this transparent inverted umbrella. Its 47-inch canopy is a few inches shy of the largest option on the list, but it’s entirely transparent so that you can see where you’re going. Plus, it’s constructed with eight ribs to weather windy days and has a C-shaped handle made with smooth rubber. It doesn’t open automatically, but it can close automatically. It also comes in a variety of opaque colors and prints.

Positive Amazon review: “I’m a fan of clear umbrellas you can point into a headwind and still see where you’re going. This one has the added feature of folding upwards (at the press of a button) rather than the traditional down-fold action. This means that A) it doesn’t catch on the car’s door frame while being folded, and B) once folded, the wet surface is on the inside, so no drips all over the car seats while stowing!”

Available in a wide variety of options, any one of MRTLLOA’s inverted umbrellas can brighten up a rainy day. While the exterior of the umbrellas are black, you can take your pick between brightly-hued solid colors and prints — all of which are printed on the inside of the umbrella. They’re as functional as they are cute, too. The umbrella features a manual opening mechanism and eight steel ribs to provide plenty of wind resistance. The handle is rubberized and its C-shaped design makes it convenient to carry. Want to stock up? You can snag some colors in packs of two umbrellas.

Positive Amazon review: “Great product, does exactly what it advertises. I bought the blue flower print and it’s very pretty. I love the design as well; the most useful aspects to me are the handle design (for walking my dog) and the double fabric that allows for a dry exterior when you close it.”