32 of the Best Summer Hats for Sun Protection 2022

2022-04-24 02:02:07 By : Ms. Wendy Qiao

Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

Toss in your beach bag and go!

With summer approaching and lazy pool days getting closer by the minute, you’re going to want to make sure your wardrobe is prepped and optimized for seaside naps and Instagram snaps. In addition to your favorite bikinis, breakout-friendly SPF and, protective sunglasses, you’ll want to have a couple of good hats on hand to block unwanted rays from the delicate skin on your face, neck, and scalp. Summer hats are truly the best accessory for turning your simple swimsuit into a full ensemble while doubling as practical sun protection. We spoke to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, board-certified dermatologist and Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who gave us a derm's perspective on this staple. “Generally speaking, if you can't see the sun through the material, then it does a good job at protecting you from the UV light. Loose knits allow UV light to penetrate through so they offer little protection.” When it comes to choosing a hat, Dr. Zeichner suggests looking for “a tightly woven material with a broad brim that goes all the way around. The brim should ideally be at least 3 inches wide, but when it comes to brims, bigger is better.” As for visors? Avoid wearing them on days where the rays are strongly shining down on your scalp. From retro cotton baseball caps to colorful floppy straw brims and trendy polka-dot bucket hats that are super in style for summer, we have you —and your head — covered.

Tan straw hats may be a classic go-to choice, but the subtlest embroidered detail makes this particular hat feel refreshed. Pair with a yellow bikini for a cheery beach look.

Crochet is a huge trend but winter knits aren't exactly the best for staying cool and keeping out unwanted rays, so we love this straw version that's both lightweight and a little bit more protective than yarn.

The colorful rings on this sun hat from Barbour completely capture summer joy in a pattern. The wider brim is perfect for shielding your face while out and about, or for acting as an IRL do-not-disturb during your afternoon beach snooze.

Kick back and swap out your hat for an easy, breezy visor. You'll skip the trouble of redoing your ponytail when you pop on this baby, and the majorly long brim will shield your face from unwanted UV rays.

Editor's Note: A visor that doesn't cover the top of your head may be a better pick for days where the sun is shining less intensely due to the lack of coverage on your full scalp.

Feeling a little nostalgic for the early 2000s? This teal and purple embroidered hat is an easy way to channel some major Y2K energy. Just be sure to apply extra sunscreen on your ears and the back of your neck!

This bucket hat is made of breathable, summery cotton which will help make sweaty hairlines a thing of the past. We can't get enough of the nautical color scheme, and as a bonus, this hat will take up zero luggage space. 100% packable!

The hippie vibes are strong with this rainbow striped straw hat. It's a warm-weather take on this past winter's crochet trend, adapted to help you beat the summer heat.

Nothing says summer quite like raffia. This multicolored wide-brim hat is specially fitted with CoolMax® moisture-wicking fabric for max dryness even on the hottest days.

For picnicking amongst wildflowers and frolicking through fields…or for your next pool party. This ruffled, wavy brim is more romantic than your typical straw. Either tie the white ribbon under your chin or let it flow in the breeze to match the dreamy vibe of your ensemble.

How adorable is this Bambi-inspired floral print? The bucket hat is made of 60% recycled content so you can feel extra good about your purchase. Plus, we're always here for a collector's item!

Groovy, baby! Bet you didn't think your summer ball cap could be fluffy, did you? These radiating rainbow hearts are optimistic all the way.

If we close our eyes, we can almost imagine ourselves cruising down the highway in a vintage convertible with the ribbons on this hat blowing in the wind. Wear with a midi-length sundress for a true retro moment.

Styling Tip: The strap is removable, and can either be tied under your chin, worn loose, or taken off and worn separately as a scarf!

Well...Dr. Zeichner did say the bigger the brim, the better! We predict the most fabulous do-not-disturb vacation photos in your future. Now if only we had the suitcase space to pack this baby up...

Brim Width: 3" Truly the bucket hat to end all bucket hats. The warm sunburst pattern is all of our optimistic summer dreams, and we love that it’s reversible to maximize the styling potential of your purchase.

Now your denim-on-denim look can truly be from head to toe. The cognac leather cord detailing will nicely tie in a pair of matching leather sandals, or perhaps a leather beach tote.

As soft as your grandma's favorite quilt (because we think she'd want you to stock up on sun protection, too!). This floral print is light enough that it can be paired with a different floral for pattern-mixing that isn't overdoing it.

Wear what you support loud and proud with this baseball cap. We love the little patch detailing against this perfect, reminiscent-of-denim shade of blue.

Secure the strap right under your chin or let it hang looser around your neck. Either way, this shade of butter yellow is perfection, and the recycled cotton shell will keep things breathable even on the hottest days.

We did it. We found '50s elegance in bucket hat form. We think Audrey would approve of the preppy, nostalgic polka dots. Prints that have a neutral color scheme (like black and white) are a great way to dip your toe into the water of more adventurous dressing.

The Yankees cap is an age-old supermodel favorite (see: Bella Hadid, Kate Upton, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski) but If you don't root for the Yankees, the MLB has officially-licensed hats for every team out there.

The panama hat style has existed for decades for good reason. It's classic, it's impossibly chic, and you'll find yourself wearing the silhouette with multiple different outfits (which is coincidentally our main requirement for any good long-term purchase!)

TikTok loves a trucker hat, and so do we. Whether you're a Cali native or just into the vibes, this pit stop hat feels right for Summer 2022.

UPF Protection: 50+ Hitting the festival circuit this summer? Take along this banana print bucket hat to keep the sun out of your face when you're running around from concert to concert (or flip it inside-out and rock the plain black instead).

"Take time for you?" We couldn't agree more. Work proper summer safety into your self-care routine with this Miami-esque pink and green baseball cap that shields your face from the sun.

Brim Width: 4" As Taylor Swift said, he’s a cowboy like me…we totally agree. This all-white cowboy hat feels super fresh, and the silver chain detailing is just enough to add a bit of interest to the minimalist color scheme.

This 2010s plaid print is perfect for all of your e-girl warm weather outfit dreams, but if you're feeling more subtle, flip the bucket hat inside out to reveal a solid pink exterior.

For our totally feminine vibe, the prettiest straw hat with a perfect bow in the back. We love that it's designed to allow you to shield your face and wear your hair tied up. Just make sure not to miss the back of your neck when you're applying sunscreen.

Feeling fancy? Go for a Kentucky Derby-ready sun hat with tulle accents that will have you dreaming of cool breezes even on the hottest days.

It doesn't get more classic or more chic than a wide brim straw hat with a black bow. Pair with a black bikini and your favorite beach towel for the best sun-protected, oceanside snooze you've ever had.

The model-off-duty vibes are strong with this baseball cap. Let your sun protection double as a pop of color when you're rocking a monochrome athleisure 'fit.

If you’re looking for a stylish staple hat that you’ll reach for summer after summer, beach trip after beach trip, this is the one. The minimalist design and resilient straw will never go out of style.

You can’t go wrong with a classic Nike baseball cap. The logo is subtle (no outfit clashing will occur) and this muted lavender shade is completely delectable.