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If you aren’t properly prepared to ride your bike in the rain, then you’ve got to invest in some motorcycle rain gear before a storm catches you off guard. Motorcycle rain gear is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in even the wettest weather. Check out our picks for the best motorcycle rain gear and get prepared for almost anything on your future rides.

Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit

This rain suit has a waterproof, polyurethane-backed nylon shell and sealed seam construction. It has an under-the-helmet hood, suspenders to customize the fit, and underarm vents to promote airflow.

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

This suit is made of breathable, waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight fabric. The jacket has an adjustable, removable hood and open-waist design. The zipper has a snap-down storm flap and elastic cuffs.

Fly Racing Street Rain Suit

This suit is a two-piece set that’ll have you covered—and protected—in the face of rain from your neck down to your ankles. High quality polyester shell construction with slick inner liner makes putting the suit on a breeze.

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

When selecting the best-rated motorcycle rain gear, you can choose between two- or one-piece suits. The former will effectively shelter you against the elements, but the best one-piece motorcycle rain suit will keep you 100 percent protected against the rain. One-piece suits are harder to put on in a hurry, and they don’t have the versatility of a separate jacket and pants. Both types of suits are meant to be worn over riding gear.

Boots and gloves should be waterproof because water-resistant gear only keeps you dry for a certain amount of time. When selecting a pair of gloves, choose a brand with a pre-curved design so they are easier to use. If you ride in colder temperatures, consider purchasing heated gloves for comfort. Rain overboots and rain gators slip over your regular boots. An elastic band keeps water from penetrating. 

Joe Rocket was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in California. Its products have FreeAirTM mesh technology for riding in the extreme summer heat without sacrificing protection as well as the SureFitTM adjustment system, which provides protection in an impact. One top product is the Joe Rocket RS-2 Two-Piece Rainsuit.

Tourmaster’s parent company, Helmet House, got its start in the late '70s. The company designs and distributes helmets, luggage, rain suits, jackets, riding boots, and bike covers. One recommended product is the Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit.

Nelson-Rigg USA, Inc. is based in Santa Ana, Calif. The company has been producing motorcycle covers, luggage, and apparel since 1972. One popular product is the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs, based in Arab, Ala., has been designing rainwear, waders, cooling products, footwear, and accessories for nearly a quarter century. The company is renowned for its lightweight, breathable, and affordable products. One top product is the Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit.

Nearly all motorcycle rain gear is made with waterproof materials, but some rain gear has superior capabilities to repel rain. This is due to the materials used in the manufacturing process. Water-resistant gear will not be as effective as waterproof jackets and pants, which are 100 percent impenetrable. The best waterproof motorcycle suits are made of impermeable materials or are covered in a protective coating. 

It's important that your motorcycle rain protection fits properly. First, it should be loose enough to fit over your riding gear and clothing. Also, it should be easy to put on and take off. You don't want motorcycle rain clothes to be too large or they may get in the way while you're riding. If it's too small, it won't be comfortable.

Motorcycle rain gear comes in many forms. While rain suits, jackets, and pants are the most common kinds of rain gear, this category of items can also include rain-ready gloves, boots, eyewear like goggles, and more. So, when you start shopping for motorcycle rain gear, it’s important to decide how much or how little coverage from wet weather you’d like. If you’re primarily concerned with your grip and exposed skin, rain-ready boots and gloves are most important. However, if you need more complete coverage, you’ll want to equip yourself with a rain jacket and pants (or a whole-body suit).

Like we mentioned above, waterproofing is one of the most important features to look for in your rain gear. But some rain gear can go above and beyond waterproofing and keeping rain at bay. Some upgraded options can also handle other types of inclement weather, like freezing temperatures, windy weather, and even snow. So, if you want motorcycle gear and accessories that can serve you in both the rain and other kinds of inclement weather, you might want to think about an item’s weather readiness. Look for details like extra lining for added warmth, ventilation panels, or wind-resistant material to assess different gear.

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The Defender suit has a waterproof, polyurethane-backed nylon shell and sealed seam construction. An aqua-barrier, under-the-helmet hood prevents seepage in the collar area, and the pants have a high-density nylon seat to minimize slippage. Suspenders help customize the fit, and underarm vents promote airflow. The jacket has two large side-entry hand pockets and a waterproof zippered chest pocket.

This suit keeps you completely dry for several hours in the pouring rain. The hood and collar keep the rain off your back and shoulders. It is true to fit for wearing over other clothes, and the materials and workmanship are very good. Also, the reflective strip is pretty bright, and it packs small for storage.

One downside is the suit is very lightweight, so you may need to wear something warm underneath if it's cold outside. Also, you may have to remove your boots to get into the pants, which are tight around the ankles. There have also been some complaints that the zipper on the jacket can fail.

This jacket and pants set feature Frogg Toggs’ breathable, non-woven fabric, which is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight. The full-length, parka-cut jacket has an adjustable, removable hood and open-waist design. The zipper has a snap-down storm flap and elastic cuffs. The pants have an adjustable, elastic waist, as well as adjustable leg openings.

This suit is thick and good quality. The drawstring elastic waist pants are easy to pull over your riding gear and are long enough to cover your boots. It's very breathable and keeps you cool while keeping the rain and wind out, even at high speeds. The suit is comfortable and easy to pack in a bag or backpack when not in use.

One problem is that there are no pockets on either the coat or pants, and the texture of the material is like paper rather than cloth. Also, the suit does not have reflective trim. In addition, if you accidentally bump your exhaust, the pants will melt rather quickly.

The Fly Racing Street Rain Suit is a two-piece set that’ll have you covered—and protected— n the face of rain from your neck down to your ankles. This complete and comprehensive motorcycle rain gear set is designed to keep you comfortable while keeping your clothing dry underneath.

Designed as a shell that fits over your normal motorcycle riding clothing, this rain suit is made from high-quality polyester material. A slick interior liner makes it easy to slide on, even if you’re wearing clothes that are prone to gathering static. The pants are high-waisted, and the jacket completely covers that waistband to prevent water from sneaking in even if your jacket rides up. To keep water out of your shoes, the pants also feature removable shoe straps that hold the legs in place. 

Worried about getting too hot while wearing your rain gear? This set is equipped with built-in rear vents that work to remove hot air and keep you dry. Plus, other drivers will be able to see you clearly in any road conditions thanks to the reflective back logo and chest, back, and arm stripes. 

This two-piece suit has a black pair of pants and a bright orange jacket. The material is a soft polyester shell with PVC backing. Both the jacket and pants have reflective tape for increased visibility at night and in the rain. The jacket has a full-length Velcro flap over the zipper to prevent leakage. The pants have an elastic waistband and oversized zippered gussets.

This suit has details that make it perfect for riding. The collar is lined with soft material to increase comfort. The cuffs of the jacket have Velcro adjustments for a secure seal. The pants have elastic straps to secure the bottom of the pants down around your boots.

Unfortunately, the zippers on the legs tend to catch the material of your pants underneath. This can cause the zippers to jam. Also, the lining on the backside of the material is what makes the suit waterproof, and it can become defective and delaminate in your first few rainy rides. This will leave you soaked.

High-quality and highly protective, the Tour Master Defender 2.0 Two Piece Rain Suit is the perfect motorcycle companion for wet weather. This set includes both a jacket and a pair of pants, and the details sewn right into each piece are what really make this product a standout choice.

Made from waterproof, polyurethane-backed nylon, this motorcycle rain gear is constructed with everything you need to keep water from sneaking inside and getting on you or your clothes. The seams on each piece are sealed to lock out water, and there’s even an Aqua Barrier under-the-helmet hood that’s attached to the jacket to prevent seepage around the collar. The high-density nylon pants seat minimizes slipping when wet, and the elastic around both the waists and cuffs help everything stay right in place. You’ll also love the polyester mesh lining paired with underarm vents that allow you to customize the airflow while you’re riding.

And when it comes to effectiveness, this rain suit will have you well-protected. It can help you stay dry even in fairly heavy rain, and the large pockets on both the jacket and pants can also keep your most important items dry.

This bright orange and black two-piece rain suit from Milwaukee Performance comes in two other colors. If orange isn’t your color, you can also get it in neon yellow and gray. Both the jacket and pants have reflective taping for increased visibility. The suit is lightweight and water resistant. There are also full zippers that run the length of both pant legs.

The range of sizes this suit provides really makes it stand out. Choose from XS up to 5X-large. Another nice feature of this suit is the heat guards on the inside bottom half of the legs. This will help protect both the suit and your legs while riding. The back of the legs and seat have grip pads to help keep you from sliding around in heavier rain.

One drawback of this suit is that the material can be delicate. This can cause it to rip if you aren’t careful. The leg cuffs are elastic, which may not fit around your boots, so you can’t zip them all the way down.

You have three color options with this two-piece suit from Joe Rocket. You can choose all black, yellow and black, or orange and black. It also comes in sizes small through 4X-large. The material is a soft polyester outer shell with a soft PVC backing. The jacket has a full-length backing and Velcro overlap. It also has two large outer pockets for convenient storage.

One standout feature of this suit is that both the jacket and pants have reflective piping for visibility. The majority of rain suits only have reflective tape on the jacket and not on the pants. You stay cooler while wearing this suit due to the variable flow vent on the back that encourages active airflow through the jacket.

Unfortunately, this suit fits baggy, which will cause it to feel heavier than other suits. It will also flap in the wind, which can get really annoying. The elastic gusset that creates a more fitted feel is weak and won’t achieve a secure fit.

You have a choice of bright blue or yellow with this two-piece rain suit. The material is a soft-touch fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. The pants feature a straight leg design and have an elastic waistband. The jacket has a full-frontal zipper with a protective flap and elastic cuffs. The suit comes with a stuff sack for compact and protective storage.

What’s nice about this suit is that the hood is adjustable and has cord locks. This keeps water out in heavier rain. The non-woven polypropylene material is also incredibly lightweight. The thin yet durable fabric means you can fold it down to a compact size for easy storage in your motorcycle bag.

One major drawback of this rain suit is that it isn’t truly designed for motorcycle riding. There are no heat guards on the legs or elastic straps to hold the legs down. The jacket cuffs don’t contain Velcro for a secure seal, which means water can go up the sleeves. The suit also isn’t cut for comfort while in a riding position.

The Revit Nitric 2 H2O Rain Jacket is a high-quality rain jacket that can keep out rain whether it’s light or heavy. This single piece of motorcycle rain gear is ideal for those who want a jacket that can survive different types of weather, from spring rainstorms to unpredictable weather. With versatile uses, it’s one that can be used almost anywhere.

This rain-ready jacket is designed with a classic overcoat cut. It features an outer shell constructed from PVC-free polyester Oxford with a top layer of PU coating. Inside, a 100 percent polyester lining gives you a bit of extra warmth. Along the exterior of the jacket, you’ll find two large waterproof pockets and a stowable hood that you can wear as needed. Plus the jacket is adjustable to customize your fit and lock out rainwater. It’s made 100 percent waterproof thanks to adjustment tabs at the upper arms and cuffs, waist, hood, and hem.

An added perk of this motorcycle rain jacket is its ability to be worn over thin or thick clothing. You can load up on layers in the cold or wear it over a t-shirt in hotter weather.

The First Manufacturing Rain Suit is made for rough weather. If you live somewhere that sees some seriously harsh rainstorms, then this is the piece of motorcycle rain gear that you’re going to want to put on. Built tough enough to handle anything, it’s great for cold weather and wet weather.

This two-piece rain suit is made out of 100 percent waterproof and breathable rip-stop fabric. It’s sized to fit over your regular riding gear and clothing, with a jacket and pair of pants included in the set. The material is quite durable, and it features a drop seat in the pants, adjustable waists, and 360 degrees of reflectivity.  Large bands of reflective material cover the chest, arms, legs, and back of the suit. Plus, boot stirrups help your bottom half stay in place.

Do keep in mind that this motorcycle rain suit will keep you dry only to an extent. Riding for one to two hours in heavy rain is fine, but if you’re planning to stay dry all day long in pouring storms, this suit may not be enough to stay completely bone dry.

A rain suit is specifically designed to repel rain. It fits over your regular riding gear and is very effective in heavy downpours. However, you must pull over to the side of the road to put it on if you get caught in inclement weather. A typical waterproof riding jacket can be worn whether it's raining or not and is intended for surprise rain events. It's not quite as effective as a rain suit.

Be sure to measure yourself in the gear you wear when you ride. The size may vary depending on whether you're wearing summer or winter riding apparel. Measure your chest and belly for the jacket. For pants, measure from the top of the hips because rain pants sit higher than regular pants. Also, measure your inseam from the crotch to the ankles.

It's best to hand wash your motorcycle rain gear in order to maintain the waterproofing properties. You don't want the coating to break down in the washer and dryer.

If you want to be prepared for anything and carry your rain gear with you, you’ll need to have some kind of storage solution. Most rain suits, jackets, and pants are thin enough to be packable, which makes them light in weight and able to take up very little space. You can either carry your motorcycle rain attire in a backpack, or if you have a trunk or other storage space on your bike, fold up the gear so it’s small and stash it there.

When it comes to durability, you’ll want to choose rain gear that features rip-stop material. With rip-stop fabric, you’ll be well-protected against wear and tear. This kind of material can also reduce the risk of rips and tears, especially in comparison to your basic nylon and polyester material. Additionally, rain gear that features multiple layers and sealed seams also enhances a suit, jacket, or pair of pants to offer better longevity and durability. 

Our pick for the best motorcycle rain gear is the Tourmaster Defender 2.0 Two-Piece Rain Suit. It's waterproof, keeps you dry for hours, and has a hood that repels moisture in the collar area. The pants have an anti-slip backside, and the jacket has several pockets for convenience. The suit also features a reflective strip to boost visibility.

For a less expensive option, consider the Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit. 

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