8 Trendy Trucker, Bucket, & Dad Hats To Wear On The First Day Of Classes

2022-08-20 02:49:09 By : Mr. Link Chan

The summer is continuing to heat up, and the sun is still causing heat waves around the world. Even though this heat may be unbearable and difficult to dress for, you can still spice up your outfit with a cute, trendy hat, and they are a great way to keep the sun out of your face to protect your skin. Especially if you are going back to classes, adding a hat can elevate your outfit to give you that necessary first-day-of-school confidence boost.

From bucket hats to trucker hats to dad hats, headwear is a simple, easy accessory to add to any outfit. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there to choose from, and we've rounded up our favorites. Here are eight trendy hats to add to your wardrobe in 2022.

This baseball hat from Urban Outfitters is available in four colors. They even offer free shipping on orders over $75. Baseball hats are a great basic accessory to throw on if you’re doing anything from running errands to meeting friends for brunch.

This bucket hat from Amazon is available in 30 different colors, making it easy to style with any outfit.

Y2K is still in style, and nothing nails the aesthetic like a classic trucker hat. This one from Madhappy is available in five different colors, so you can match it to your wardrobe's color palette.

This baseball cap from Alo Yoga is available in six different colors, so choose your favorite, but the all-white is the easiest to pair with any outfit, making it a must-have staple in your closet.

This trucker hat from Free People retails for $30, and they offer free shipping on all orders in the U.S. Throw this hat on to hide any bad hair day.

This bucket hat from ASOS is a great basic to keep in your closet and add to any outfit. Plus, it's on sale right now — a total win-win.

This baseball cap from PacSun is also being sold at a discounted price right now. We won't judge if you add this one to your cart, because you can never have too many baseball hats.

This baseball cap from Lululemon just dropped and is also available in 10 different colors. It’s designed for running, making it perfect to wear during a workout.

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